Bathroom Fittings and Accessories You Must Have

Bathroom Design

You must be thinking bathroom designs, are you serious? Of course am serious. Bathrooms are a part of our home interior so why do we always neglect it from designing. It’s not only about designing; it’s about making it comfortable enough for our family members and Office Carpets Pty Ltd most importantly for our visitors.

How often do you go to your bathroom? If talked about me, I spend long hours in taking shower because I love standing under the shower and sing all my favorite songs (yeah…am a bathroom singer). This is the case with most of my friends; no, I have never visited them during that time!

We always talk about designing our kitchen, bedroom, living room etc. but have you ever thought of bathroom design ideas ? Think about it…the first thing that we do in the morning is going to the washroom and freshen up ourselves and if it’s comfortable and beautiful, it will surely make your day.

There are certain basic bathroom fittings and important bathroom accessories which shows a sign of a complete and comfortable bathroom. Like our living room and bedroom designs there are several styles to design a bathroom as well like contemporary, traditional, eclectic, modern designs etc.

Personalizing your bathroom design is very important as it is your private space, and you want it to be well suited and organized. And hence we shall discuss the basic things that we require in our bathroom. Of course, the rest of the additions can be made according to you.

Wash Basin with a Faucet

Wash basins are the first and the most important bathroom fitting that we must have in our bathrooms. Its very important and is used frequently if compared to other bathroom accessories. In case you are looking to change your old sink you can easily remove your pedestal sink and install a new faucet.

Bathroom Cabinets

It is also necessary to have a cabinet in the bathroom either below the washbasin or above it. It serves you to find all your toiletries and make your bathroom look well organized so that if even a guest uses it he/she finds everything perfect right there.

Bathroom Counter

If you have a bathroom which is spacious enough you can have a slab/counter around the sink which makes it easier to keep small decoration piece or a container to put all your small items like toothbrush, toothpaste, face wash etc.

Bathroom Mirror

I was in my bathroom, washed my face and brushed my teeth but I found something missing, what was that? After a thought I got the answer…it was a mirror. And now I cannot imagine my bathroom without a mirror.

The best place to fix your mirror is above the washbasin. It will be a good idea to use bathroom lights right above your mirror for a spotless view while doing makeup or just to see yourself in the mirror.

Bath Fittings

Bath fitting includes various equipments like a shower head, a bath tub or a Jacuzzi, curtains and a towel rack. You can get a variety of latest designs for bath tub and led showers which are new in trend or if you are looking for replacing a shower head you still can have the best fittings for your bathroom.

In Indian homes we can find that most of the people use a separate bathroom and toilet but that’s not a problem at all you can still make it stylish and beautiful with several bathroom styles. Choose the most stylish and creative fitting and there you go!

Towel Bars

Place your towel bars close to the bathing area so that it is easy accessible also you can make an arrangement of small towel holder near to the washbasin for your comfort. Always use the fitting and toilet accessories which are water resistance

Sanitary Ware

Again an important fitting to complete your bathroom is sanitary ware which includes a toilet seat, flush, toilet paper holder, a dustbin and a bathroom spray or an exhaust. A toilet paper holder, a soap case and a rod to hang the towels can be fixed on the walls so that it saves a lot of space in the bathroom.

Go for a toilet with a jet spray, it is easily available and is available at affordable price. Make sure you have your toilet paper holder and the dustbin nearby to the toilet seat. You can also have a toilet dustbin with either pedals or lid a so that there is a proper hygienic atmosphere.

Round Grating

Your bathroom is the most humid space and has moistures and hence be very particular about sewage system. Your floor should not hold water which makes it unhygienic and is a pro to accidents. Either wipe it out immediately after shower or use proper grating system.

Scented Candle for Decoration

If you have a spacious bathroom you can go for it’s decoration either keep it to a minimum or just leave it in case of small bathrooms. You can use accessories with designs which will also act as a decorative piece. Another idea can be to decorate your bathroom with candles or small plants in the bathroom.


An interesting idea to make your bathroom look beautiful is to use curtains near to the bathtub area. In fact your bathroom tiles can be a subject to decoration; there are beautiful tiles available in the market with different designs and prints.

Bathroom Tiles

While choosing the bathroom tiles the best option to choose the color for tiles will be a neutral color, it make your bathroom look bigger and bright and will never go out of fashion.