Tips For Beginners In The Gym

Before taking advantage of any offers and signing up for a gym or club to which we will then go four times, we must be honest with ourselves and analyze our motivation and goals.

The gyms and health and fitness centers know that of those who enroll in any offer of 6 months or a year, a high percentage do not attend regularly. In fact, if everyone enrolled in classes would not have enough seats for them at their facilities.

If after meditating you opt for the gym, we advise you to limit enrollment to one month or even if it is possible to use session bonuses. It may be more expensive, but in many cases, you will be profitable. It is also true that if we have been attending regularly for a period (3-4 months), we can already take advantage of an offer of one year or even two if it comes more into account.


In addition, we must set achievable goals. Getting strong and losing the pounds accumulated over the years in two months of training is an unviable challenge, let alone become Arnold Schwarzenegger in a year.

Forcing yourself to train every day of the week, as well as counterproductive, is detrimental to your social and professional life, and therefore abandon that idea.

We advise training 3-4 times a week, limiting the duration of sessions, including initial warm-up, main session and stretching after 1 hour and 30 minutes’ maximum.

Where We Should Train

We can train in a gym or at home, the important thing is to achieve our goal with the material we have.

In The Gym

In this case, we will have access to a lot of material: disks, dumbbells, machines and cardio machines. You can also enjoy the supervision of a monitor that will make you a personalized program and will show you how to correctly perform the exercises and machines.

If the gym or fitness club allows it we recommend that you do a test session before enrolling. So, you can check if you like the weight room, material, changing rooms, staff, etc.

Bodybuilding At Home

It is also possible to exercise at home, but we must have a minimum equipment for it, at least two dumbbells, a bar with discs, an adjustable bench, etc. The worst thing about training at home is that nobody can advise us. We must have a medium or high level of knowledge of bodybuilding, to be able to design a routine according to our objectives, and also to execute correctly the exercises.

Another option is to spend some time in the gym, try to learn as much as possible from the most expert people in the rooms, and of the monitor, and when we see that we can run alone, we can train at home. You should pay special attention to the most technically complicated exercises: squats, dead lifts, kicks, etc.

We also have the option to buy a good book and good internet pages, and even record to verify that we perform the exercises as the experts that we can find on YouTube.

Your First Steps In Bodybuilding

At first, you will learn how to perform bodybuilding exercises with the help of the trainer that will show you how to handle different machines, weights and accessories.

In this first few weeks, we will adapt our muscular system and our joints to work with loads. Now, it is very important to focus on the technique of performing the exercises and we should not want to move large loads. This will prevent further injury when we must move heavier loads.

We must work all muscle groups in each session and do 3-4 sets per exercise, 10 to 15 repetitions with light loads. At this stage, we must also work our cardiovascular capacity with the fitness machines, not forgetting to learn to stretch all the muscles we work in each session.

It is important not to forget the previous warm-up. This requires 10 to 15 minutes of cardio and some exercises where the entire body is involved at the beginning of each session.

Keep in mind also before starting to train bodybuilding to do a medical examination to verify that it is in good condition to practice this sport, because you never know. If you are interested in d-bal supplement, you may want to know that d-bal max is another alternative you must review before you buy d-bal.