Have You Optimized Flash Web Site?

All SEO analysts have to face tough situation when their clients ask them to do search engine optimization of any flash based web site. Techwitty Search engine’s algorithms are confidential so that we could not follow algorithm’s likes-dislikes. For getting exact attitude of algorithm towards flash based website needs hard practice and experience. As all search engines follow their own steps and rules and those are always secret. No one knows that which procedure is followed by which search engine.

All of we want some flash in our site. Some want it heavily and some little bit. At the moments we need to think that how we can do SEO for such websites and let them on top SERPs.

Flash, images, pictures can attract more visitors than only content can. In my point of view, I prefer to visit sites which have more pictures attractive flash in the site. And I think most of us would prefer to surf such sites. For example some site shows you functionalities of DVD player through it’s content and other site is showing you same functionalities with flash. Which will you prefer to see? Honestly I will go with flash site. Actually all SEO practitioners are aware of best techniques for ranking high in Search Engines, but what exactly client want?? ‘SALES’. Flash help you to get traffic and sales.

Search engines prefers to crawl html pages rather then images, flash, and other scripts. So when your client wants flash in site and also wants to do SEO of the site then use flash instead of images, buttons and banners. As for search engines such areas are less important so flash can be used for visitors in these places. You can use flash in your html pages. You can put text link and link at bottom of the page or link in content as well. If your HTML page contains some flash areas then it will look interesting and search engine friendly also as text links and good content is there.

You can use splash pages as the entry point of your site and attract visitors and force them to click once to visit any other page of your site. As you can create some splash pages for getting enter into some important optimize content pages of your site. You have to be careful about that the search engines do not like many redirects so don’t create bunch of splash pages but if you can use it in proper manner then it will be extra bonus for your site and e-business. Your splash pages should redirect to the pages that has enough and interesting content. As we all know that informative content is very important to drive traffic and increase sales.

Link Building is also as important as any SEO technique, so concentrate on this area also. Your anchor text should be properly, link only to most relevant and complementing sites. All quality back links to your flash site will help the search engine to find out your site, and all good links bring traffic to your site when you’re not indexed according to your prediction.

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