The 3 Best 7 Seater Car Reviews

SUV the big car, if you are looking to buy then be smart, because you are going to spend big amount for it. You must know what is the best 7 seater SUV¬†on the market. Many brands are claiming that they made the best suv’s for you, but all have their different specifications & features. Be smart, spend some time to read the expert reviews before buy below:

Volkswagen Touran

A single five-door body with 7 standard seats and a 734-liter boot.

The Volkswagen Touran is based on the MQB platform of the group that shares with such geothermal cars as the Volskwagen Golf, the SEAT Leon or the Volkswagen Passat. It is a lightweight platform that results in cars with a very good road behavior.

The Touran is a Volkswagen Golf raised to the seventh power, with a huge trunk in which we can deploy two seats, resulting in a minivan in size and performance similar to those of a Citroen Grand C4 Picasso but with a higher quality interior, Of engines and the option of an automatic double clutch. It is also a rather more expensive car.

The Touran is a classic in the segment of MPVs with 7 medium-sized seats and has always been characterized by its 7 individual seats, its infinite versatility interior and a level of outstanding finishes, house brand.

Ford S-Max

The range of the S-Max stands out for the many variants available, including versions with all-wheel drive and double-clutch gearbox. It is a minivan of dynamic character, hence it can have engines up to 240 hp.

The Ford S-MAX is a dynamic and well-equipped alternative in a segment where the driving feel might seem to be passing into the background. It shares platform with the Ford Mondeo and enjoys a behavior that will delight your driver.

The strong point of the S-MAX, apart from that touch in such a good curve, is its equipment/price ratio, since it has the latest advances of the brand in connectivity and safety without the price shooting.

Its interior breadth is at the height of a Alhambra/Sharan, but its aesthetic is much more attractive, moving away from the appearance of a van, so square, many of its rivals, thanks to a correct proportions and a fall of the ceiling that makes it more stylized.

Its weakest point could be a fair quality interior, which explains in part that very competitive price.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery is along with the Range Rover Sport, the only genuine SUV that we can find with 7 seats. It has been designed and built from the start to scale, wade, climb and fly all types of sliding, stony or low-adhesion surfaces and has the latest generation of intelligent suspension and traction systems.

Aside from overcoming any obstacles and sharing platform with its big brothers the Range Rover of big size, the discovery has a dreamlike interior full of design, quality and first class materials.

Its 7 occupants will be able to make all kinds of excursions both on asphalt and outside it, amid an environment of aplitude and comfort of first level.

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