What Is Garden Shredder And How To Choose It For Your Own Garden?

Many gardeners now abandoned chemical fertilizers to their own fruits and vegetables are as safe as possible. But what, then, to feed the garden and the garden? Debris from your own site! Of course, it is also necessary to revise and put in the compost heap. But it will be the environmental and quality fertilizer, and waste all you can find the application. Twigs, dried flowers, pruning grape vines, rotten apples. All this, the perfect raw material for the future of humus, and you have to grind it and put in one place for digestion. On some website they have compiled top-rated and expert recommended chipper shredders. To help the cottagers even unreal a special technique – shredders, that facilitate the method of crushing the branches.

How Is That The Garden Shredder?

This device is essentially thus easy that it’s stunning why see you later nobody has unreal. Something it looks like a meat grinder, which grinds everything put into it. However, instead of bones and meat chopper gets bark, twigs, buds, roots and tops etc., and out goes the crushed material. crushing level varies from slices to small chips. waste trapped in the hopper milled powerful knives, which triggers an electrical or gasoline engine.

Varieties Blade System

To make the right choice of garden shredders, you should familiarize yourself with knife system that will grind suburban waste. They are of two types: disc and milling.

Disc Cutter System

This device is a disc with several steel knives. drive shaft rotational speed sets. How quickly Crush waste, depending on their composition, but best of all the disk system grinds “soft junk”: leaves, grass, branches slender, green stems, etc. If the shredder throw dry or thick lignified branches, then quickly blunted knives.

Milling Cutter System

The milling system is more powerful. It is a solid-cast gear, in which the branches are tightened automatically. It is only necessary to immerse wood waste into a funnel and from there they will be gradually tightened in the grinding mechanism. Moreover, there is no need to control the process and can perform other tasks. Milling can grind knives threads thickness of 4.5 cm. In many models of shredders and provides a different level of reverse crushing. But consider whether you need such a powerful system, if the mostly soft will process waste.

Choosing A Garden Shredder For Power Level

Comparing and analyzing the model, a garden shredder better pay attention to the capacity of the unit. All grinders are divided into three classes of power: amateur system, middle-class and professional models.

Choppers Amateur Class

This type includes the low-power units (1.6 kW), running on electricity. Their knife system – disk. Before you buy a product and determined amateur class, specify the material from which made knives. Best Mode – hardened steel. Such units weigh up to 20 kg and can grind threads thickness of not more than 3 cm.

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